Why our Dustless Sandblaster is a perfect solution for stripping old paint on a wrought iron fence

An unpaint steel fence in house located in Orange County.

Wrought iron fences are really an amazing asset to any property.  They show incredible craftsmanship and if protected can outlive most property owners.  However, since they are iron, they need proper coatings to protect them from the harsh elements.

This particular job was located in Riverside, CA and our dustless sandblasting expertise was requested by a large painting contractor in the area.  These gates could not be removed and taken to a blast facility so they naturally began their search for a mobile blasting contractor.

The sun and rain had taken it’s toll on the previous paint job so they wanted to strip it down to bare metal and start fresh.

Blasting wrought iron is a tedious job since there are so many angles and surfaces to clean.  Because of that a sandblast operator needs to carefully consider the surrounding environment and containment issues- which often comprise much of the cost of this type of project.
That’s why our “dustless” blasting rig was a perfect solution.  Wrought iron fences are often around the perimeter of a property which means they are very close to your neighbors.  Keeping your neighbors happy is a very good idea!

Our machine produces less than 1/10 of the dust that is normally associated with sandblasting.  Yet it still strips paint away just as effectively.

A man on an aerial lift truck is doing wooden wall sandblasting of a commercial building located in Orange County.
Sand Blasting

Sandblasting Paint off Wood

Stripping paint off wood can be a tedious process.  We were able to do the job in a relatively short amount of time using our