I recently received another email from a potential client asking what I can do for their driveway. I get asked this all the time!
He even sent this picture showing his driveway, which is fairly typical, California based abuse.
Here was my response, as I post it here on the web in hopes that it will help direct your present self in thinking through your options…
I’ve got 3 methods that I can propose for you based on your budget and desired result.
1) We can offer a basic hot water power wash, but based on the fact that you were rather descriptive in your request leads me to hopefully “safely assume” that you are looking for more than your average hot water power wash (which often leads much more to be desired after it dries out).
The regular hot water power wash is likely a ~$325 job and a gentlemen pushes a surface cleaner which sprays steamy hot-water evenly with a degreaser that helps lift surface oil stains and most all tire marks, but doesn’t get deeply penetrated stains.
Here’s a link to show the process for such:
If you want to go with a more aggressive chemical method, one that helps “rejuvenate” the concrete for more deeply set stains, here is a step above option 1
2) Deep acid washing.
Acid helps lift the deeper stains and it helps brighten the concrete and restore a more uniform appearance.
The typical stains we see on driveways, such as yours, is a run-off pattern of water that darkens the concrete.  The minerals from the water over the years cause the build up or accumulation of minerals.  Acid washing usually takes care of the trick, but not the extent that sandblasting often does.  It’s really tough to gauge because acid washing can often provide an adequate solution, but it just never does it as predictably as we would like it to.  I’d say success rate is around 70%.
Price is around $800 for a deep acid wash
Here a great set of samples from our instagram:
https://www.instagram.com/p/BniteyDBH4n/ (hover over the picture to scroll right on the small arrows to see about 6 sets of pics from this job)
If you want a for sure answer, then here is the ultimate option
3) light sandblast
This literally blasts off a microscopic layer of concrete, changing the feel to a very fine sandpaper feel. Because no chemistry is involved and it’s a mechanical process, the predictability is very high on the outcome.  Jobs to vary job by job, but nearly all of them come out with a super nice appearance from a sandblast process.
It’s loud and dusty and may take the entire day but here are some pics of what this $1400 service will get you:
Here is a final option which can apply equally to any of the options for an upsell. its a penetrating concrete sealer which lasts 10+ years and protects from penetrating stains:
It is $350 for an add-on
I can formulate a quote after we discuss which route you learn towards going.
There’s a lot more to discuss I’m sure so feel free to call me anytime to chat.
Kris Cook
President – KC Power Clean Inc.

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