Stain on stucco wall

If your home does not have properly functioning rain gutters, often times you will see streaks and stains build up on the side of your house.

There are a couple of issues that this will cause.  First, it doesn’t look good.  Second, if left to dwell on the stucco surface for too long, it will slowly start to eat away at the paint.

Luckily we have seen plenty of instances of this kind of stain and we know what to do. Whether we go with a light pressure power wash or we incorporate light chemicals to help break up the mold, we are always mindful of taking care of the paint and making sure we get the job done.

Mold on stucco

Here is another example on the same house.  The dark color normally indicates the presence of mold.  Mold will eat away at the paint the longer it sits so it’s important to take care of this quickly.  Obviously the concrete below the stucco is quite unsightly as well, which is why with all of our house wash packages we include a free rinse of all surrounding concrete.

Clean stucco wall

The finished product looks drastically better than when we started.  The slight discoloration along the bottom is due to the weakening of the paint from the mold resting on it for a long period of time.  We aren’t painters (though we have dabbled in just about everything related to your home) but I’d say this is a great job and our client agreed.