It was an exciting day in early June 2006.  I was just an excited Sophomore at Biola University which is a small private college in La Mirada, CA.  I had just finished my last day of my Sophomore year of school.  I was a regular college student who worked hard for good grades, played on the varsity baseball team, and was planning how I could spend my summer vacation with my girlfriend.  We started by cleaning out her dorm room so that she could receive her security deposit back from Biola.  During the clean out we ripped a few mirrors off the wall that removed the paint so we thought it would be wise to buy some paint to cover the damage.  

Well, I lived away from campus so after fixing up her dormroom with a fresh coat of paint, I headed back to my place to pack for summer vacation.  As I returned to the house where I was staying, I opened up the rear door of my truck and the quart of white latex paint fell from the seat and landed onto the concrete driveway. I was renting the home with some friends who I played baseball with so I didn’t want to get us in trouble so I did the first thing that came to mind…  I took out the garden hose and rinsed down the driveway so that the paint didn’t leave a stain.  BIG MISTAKE!

I thought all was fine and dandy as I headed out to celebrate the passing of another school year with my girlfriend.  Later that night when I returned back to the house where I washed the spilt paint I returned to a scene of three of the biggest spill containment trucks I had ever seen in my life.  I believe the company was Ocean Blue, who was contracted by the city to contain/remove hazardous spills.  It was about midnight and they were controlling the place like it was a murder scene…

Long story short, that girlfriend later became my wife even though she saw me in tears that night.  I was fined $5600.00 for washing about a quart of latex paint down a storm drain and my loving father paid the fine as I headed home looking for ways to pay him back. Needless to say, summer vacation didn’t start as anticipated but so goes life.  

But I do thank God for that day because it was the incident which led to the inspiration for KC Power Clean. That summer I wanted to pay off my debt to my father and it was about 2 months later when I was working with him in Northern California (he owns First Rate Building Maintenance) that I was washing some windows when it dawned on me that I could try putting out some fliers in the neighborhood and try cleaning windows for myself!  What started as a way to earn some summer spending cash one day developed into a Senior Project at Biola University.  To this day, that incident serves as a reminder about the strict laws against dumping hazardous waste down storm drains (regardless if one is ignorant of the laws or not).  That incident has inspired a lot of growth in myself and my company which started from extremely humble beginnings with a truck, bucket and squeegee to what is now a multi-rig 24 hour property maintenance service.