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The perfect way to take off what you need to and leave what you don’t.
Some of the alternatives to sandblast stucco is hand grinding, which is extremely slow and very dusty.  A good stucco sandblast job is:
  • Fast
  • Protects the neighbors property
  • Only removes what you need (paint and loose/flaky material)
  • Is cleaned up wellSandblasting (wet or dry) is the best method on the market to prep for restucco.
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We can recommended several stucco contractors

Restucco projects work best when the sandblasting team and stucco team play nice. Good news for you is that we’ve already fostered a handful of really good working relationships with our stucco friends over the years. Little perks such as saving on scaffold rental costs are just the beginning.

Benefits of Sandblasting Stucco

Go with confidence into your project!
You want a sandblasting contractor who will take time to clean all corners, not cut them. Our crew will:
  • trench down 6″ on softscapes
  • cover windows and doors
  • protect the eaves if requested
  • protect the neighbors from the mess
  • utilize dust suppression nozzles where appropriate
  • leave your jobsite clean @ the end of each day
Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

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Most Common FAQs


How much does it cost to sandblast my house

Of all our services, sandblasting stucco and siding really has one of the wider variances of all our services, mainly due to the varying degrees of containment and protection. It’s best to call to get a quote.


What phase of the project should I sandblast?

It’s best to come in very early for the sandblast.  It is a form of demolition, so think about the sandblast being like any other demo contractor.


Do I need a permit?

Only in Long Beach and few other very particular coastal cities.


What about lead paint or asbestos?

If you’re project has lead or asbestos, we can connect you with one of our environmental contractors who can help you. If you’re not sure, call us and we can give a few tips on how to find out.


Can you do my house in a day?

Many small 1 story homes under 2000 sq ft can be done in a day if the conditions are right.


Can you remove the colorcoat down to the browncoat?

Yes, but there’s almost never a reason to. There is always a surcharge for such a heavy sandblast too.  Most stucco contractors will argue that it’s usually a mistake to sandblast it this deeply as it only requires more time, money and material to rebuild it back up.  Take off only what you need, what’s loose and compromised.

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