We got a call from a local boat yard in Newport Beach, CA regarding the stripping of anti-fouling paint on a 58′ Mikelson yacht. Blasting boats of this nature can be very risky because of the underlying gel coat. Damaging the gel coat can be an expensive fix that no customer would be pleased with. 

“Bibi” needed a little updating…

The job site upon our arrival.
We began the project with a test section to ensure the customer and boat specialist was satisfied with the results. On this project we used fine glass, and also reduced our blast pressure to 75 to ensure that we would not damage the gel coat. 

The small test section went well!
As we got going, we calculated our coverage rate at about 2 square feet per minute. This is much slower than most of our other blasting projects, but because of the risk involved we decided its better to be safe than sorry. Our focus was to remove the blue paint while staying off of the undercoat as much as possible, and if that meant sacrificing some time, it was time well spent. 

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