We’ve been on some pretty fun adventures over the years.  Most of them have revolved around cleaning Digital Advertising Boards like the one seen below:

These boards flash advertisements and they can show videos and do just about anything.  It’s the same technology you see at major sporting events like Angels and Dodgers games.  The big scoreboards in the outfield are essentially larger versions of the sign you see in the picture above.

When we get to keep our feet on the ground, these jobs are a cinch.  Sometimes, however, we need to get creative:

We have cleaned dozens of boards through the years.  We have even traveled to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona to clean the boards at their major stadiums because of our specialized experience with these boards.  I’ll admit, the first time going up in a 70 foot lift was a little bit scary but they are surprisingly stable.  After one has been up in the bucket for a few minutes, it’s easy to forget you’re off the ground.

Over time, dust and grime settle on the small shelves that line the front of the board.  The LED lights that create the images reflect off these shelves and if the shelves are dirty, the board can have a dull, faded look to it.  So, we use a combination of soap, scrubbing and lots of water to clean the shelves, giving the LED lights a clean surface to reflect.