Sandblasting wood ceilings and beams throughout Los Angeles and Orange County

This particular project was done in a quaint little cabin near Lake Arrowhead in the town of Running Springs. The loft made part of the ceiling easily accessible but due to the slope and terrain of this cabin, there were other areas that required our scaffold.

Media and sandblasting ceilings can be very messy. It’s ideal to attempt this during a renovation because of the mess and dust that’s generated. In some circumstances, we sandblasted ceilings that were inside areas of a house that were under construction while the rest of the house was taped and plastic off from the nearby dust storm.

This particular job was in the heart of Los Angeles and was very easy as only the beams needed to be blasted. They needed a good freshen up as they had paint, drywall, glue, and other construction debris on them. Glulams can also be blasted and clean up very nicely.

Whether it’s smoke or fire damage, paint removal, or getting rid of an old stain, sandblasting wood almost always turns out surprisingly well and does great to raise the value in addition to the grain.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting Paint off Wood

Stripping paint off wood can be a tedious process.  We were able to do the job in a relatively short amount of time using our