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The bulk of our services are exterior cleaning/maintenance services, we also offer several other services that not only help increase property values but can lead to a better quality of life. We strongly believe that having clean environments help foster better relationships, whether at work or at home.

Professional Sandblasting Service In Murrieta, CA

Sandblasting is a technique that will leave surfaces smooth, clean, and safe to use. Before undertaking such a task individually, it is best to hire a company like us that will do the hard work for you with a professional edge. Sandblasting isn’t just hard work, it requires quite a bit of skill and know how. While sandblasting, in theory, might seem costly, it’s actually the most cost-effective route to avoid having to buy new materials altogether. A bit of sandblasting can transform a material’s surface, and we can do that for you!

Affordable Murrieta Sandblasting Services

Concrete Sandblasting

Reconditioning a concrete surface can make it look like new. Sandblasting concrete can remove years of decay or weathered parts that have culminated over the years. We don’t just do this for residential clients, but also industrial and commercial clients. Concrete doesn’t have to remain looking stained or aged. The use of a proper medias and air pressure can take off years of concrete aging, which can transform the appearance of the concrete without having to replace it.

Brick and Block Wall Sandblasting

There are many reports regarding ruining a brick structure through the use of sandblasting, so hiring a company that knows how to avoid damage during paint removal is essential. We provide brick and cinder block sandblasting that will guarantee a more aesthetically pleasing facade while mitigating the potential damage. Brick and cinder block are two structures not meant to be done DIY, and often lose their luster over time, so trust the professionals with this technique.

Wood & Wood Ceiling Sandblasting

Sandblasting wood in all forms can help to eliminate imperfections and damage in the form of stripped or decaying paint, stains, or evidence of smoke and fire that has affected the wood itself. Sandblasting can also raise the natural grain quality without having to replace the entire ceiling. If you want to keep your wooden ceilings intact and glistening, hiring our Murrieta sandblasting team is the way to go.

Red Curb and Traffic Paint Sandblasting

To keep parking regulations and zones fully enforced, one has to be able to recognize when a section of the pavement is marked for certain types of short-term parking. Keeping curb paint as visible as possible is essential but repainting can only be performed so many times before the longevity of the paint is compromised, losing essential ROI on your investment. Our team will ensure that traffic paint is prepped thoroughly for a repaint or even complete removal if necessary.

Stucco Sandblasting

If you are a property owner or GC looking to renovate the exterior of a building, you may have the need to sandblast an old, outdated stucco surface. We sandblast paint and failing stucco surfaces to ensure that a re-stucco or retexturing will have a long-lasting adhesion.

Vehicles and Trailers Sandblasting

We take precautions with the blasting of vehicles and trailers so as not to damage or warp the metal, which can be costly to replace. We offer both dustless and traditional fine media blasting for old autos that need restoration. Our Murrieta sandblasting services can remove rust, paint, bondo, primer while minimizing your surface prep and restoration time. When done right, sandblasting of your vehicle and trailer will save you countless hours from sanding the surfaces by hand or with air tools. Trust us with all your vehicle and trailer blasting needs!

Water feature Projects

Blasting can improve more than buildings, residences, and vehicles. There are other restoration projects we provide to enhance the look of objects around the home or business that may need a sprucing up. Projects like this include swimming pools, which tend to acquire stains, dirt, and general blemishes on their surfaces over time. Blasting can improve the look of the pool by removing hard water and calcium stains along the pool tiles at the waterline.

Another more artistic project we undertake is the careful blasting of fountains and statues. No matter how large or small the collection, we will clean any damage, staining, chips, or dirt from a statue’s surface without ruining the artistic integrity. Fountains can carry the threat of just as much damage as a full sized swimming pool. Fountains often collect grime if the water is replaced often enough. This can cause hard to remove stains on the inside of the fountain. Our technique opts to clean these types of blatant discolorations and stains, making any type of fountain look as good as new.

Various Other Sandblasting Projects

Including boilers, waterproofing prep, water tanks, cement trucks, bronze statues, windows for privacy glass, PIP concrete forms,

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At KC Power Clean, we specialize in mobile sandblasting services in Murrieta, CA. We strive to complete our work with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible. We maintain safety to residential and commercial areas to prevent any hazards.

KC Power Clean also provides many other power cleaning services to help preserve and maintain the beauty of your home or commercial structure. Our experienced crew is licensed, bonded and insured and provides highest quality workmanship. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques that yield the best possible results while adhering to the strictest safety standards.

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Sandblasting Locations

Our abrasive blasting machines eliminate ~ 92% of the dust normally associated with dry sandblasting

The Future of Surface Preparation is Here


Dustless Blasting

  1. Contains ~ 92% of the ordinary dust
  2. Is EPA and CARB approved
  3. Cuts thru powder coating and the toughest paints / epoxies 
  4. Keeps surfaces 10 degrees cooler than ambient temp
  5. Provides greater operator control on delicate surfaces


  1. Creates a huge dust plume
  2. Is not permitted in many cities
  3. Is ineffective on powder coating due to blast temperatures
  4. Causes heated surface temps that can warp thin metals
  5. Less operator control

What can be Blasted?

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Our abrasive blasting service is a mobile service which means we travel to your location.  This saves A LOT on transportation costs!
We service all of Orange County, the Los Angeles area, and the entire Inland Empire (and we’ve traveled much further for special occasions).

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