70 year old chimney

in need of some TLC
brick chimney w/ paint

Blasting in Action

more dustless blasting…
stripping paint on brick chimney

All done! the GC very impressed
This brick chimney was in need of a restoration. The general contractor and home owner wanted the original brick color but it had several coats of paint hiding it’s natural beauty. 
It seemed like a daunting task stripping all that paint by hand with a scrub brush, and that wouldn’t even get the paint out of the recessed areas in the grout.

Greg, the GC, gave us a call and asked if our system would be suitable in Corona Del Mar, CA since he knew the neighbors have a very high standard for cleanliness.  I assured him that our blasting method could keep the PEACE even though the property line was only a few feet away from the house.

After we used our dustless blaster, which kept the neighbors happy, this chimney looked like new and the 70 year old brick was restored looking beautiful.

What I think is noteworthy about this particular blast is that we were able to complete it even though they should of had us come in before the exterior renovation was completed. We left the jobsite with a pressure wash and we were on our way to the next.

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