Being a restaurant owner/operator/manager can be extremely demanding.  In an industry with so many late nights and long hours it’s very important to know the power of delegating if one hopes to keep their sanity.

Why not take one of the more tedious tasks such as maintaining the exterior appearance of your restaurant and give it to a professional service company.  At KC Power Clean Inc  we have experience handling many sizes of restaurants in the food service industry.  What we specialize in is creating a customized, cost-effective maintenance program that keeps each of your locations looking sharp and attractive to your patrons.

Many of our food service customers receive a very common package somewhere between a weekly and monthly frequency (budget indicative).  The typical scope of work that is requested is for us to wash:

  1. trash enclosure walls and floors
  2. concrete drive-thru areas including curbs (if applicable)
  3. concrete outdoor patio areas 
  4. awning rinsing as needed or as requested
  5. store entrance/exit areas
  6. exterior window cleaning 
  7. exterior building wash downs to keep dust and cobwebs from accumulating

The best advantage of creating a strategic maintenance plan is that it allows us to meet both the cost-demands and visual-expectations of our customers.  We do this by utilizing a variety of different detergents on different areas of the store in conjunction with our EPA compliant power wash rigs.

Some of the benefits of our service plan is that:
-The trash enclosure areas are well kept which leads to fewer citations from the city, improved sanitation conditions, and fewer slip and fall incidents.
-The front entrances receive a concrete brightener to help the visual appearance of the entrance areas.
-The drive thru is steam cleaned/power washed and degreased to help remove oil stains, bubble gum, and dirt to name a few.
-The curbs are hot-water power washed as hard as possible to help remove/lessen the unsightly black markings that accumulate.
-The heavy oil concentrations in the drive thru receive an application of our oil eating absorbent powder which helps remove and hide deep and dark oil concentrations.
-Any windows that get splashed during the wash get squeegeed so that your crew isn’t left with another chore the next morning (or we can wash all of the windows each visit).
-We can wash the awnings  and rinse the buildings as they collect cobwebs, bird poop and heavy amounts of dust.

Our team looks forward to working with you and would love to chat if you would like and have the time.
Please call or email us to request a price sheet, customer references, before and after picture portfolio, and a short slide show about our company.

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