Pricing Philosophy

Please call for a quick, free, and no-obligation estimate over the phone.

You can even text pictures of your project to (714) 342.5326 or email pictures to kris@kcpowerclean.com for a fast and more accurate estimate!

If you would like a free written estimate, please include:

  1. first and last name (and/or company name)
  2. project location or address
  3. phone #
  4. email address

Most jobs can be bid by giving a flat rate or exact quote!  

However some jobs are more unique by nature and may require an hourly rate for contracting.

If you are the type that doesn’t have time to bother with sending us pictures of the project or even don’t have time to set up a face-to-facemeeting, that’s ok.  We can contract on a Time and Material Basis.  When deciding to contract with us on an T&M basis, it is common to see our pricing breakdown as follows:

Time Rate for Crew and Equipment

$75/hr per crew leader
$50/hr per crew helper
$50/hr per dustless blasting rig + abrasive consumed
$25/hr per hot-water power washer
$25/hr per water reclaiming vacuum (plus disposal fees if any)
$15/hr per water deionizer and water fed pole

* 4 hour minimum usually applies for all “on-call” projects that are contracted on an hourly basis.

* On-call projects usually require portal-to-portal pricing

* Pricing may very for night and/or weekend work and is subject to change with various projects and types of work

* Please also note that the more information that we have on project – the better prepared we can be!

When ordering a service, please also keep in mind that the cost of operating a mobile service becomes much more efficient the longer that we are at a particular project. Projects that take several days are usually subject to lower labor rates than projects that only take 4-5 hours to complete. Same school of thought applies to residences that have multiple services done during the same visit.  Like most markets, mobile cleaning contractors value volume orders.

Residential Pricing

Roof Cleaning Prices

Roof cleaning is usually priced at $.30-$.65 per square foot of the living space of a house.
For instance, a house with a 3000 square foot floor plan will typically cost between $900-$1800.  Roof cleaning prices typically includes the cleaning of the gutters and downspouts but we can specify at the time of order as each project varies.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

If you don’t need the roof cleaned but rather just the gutters, then pricing for cleaning out the gutters on your home will typically be near $1.50 per linear foot.  Usually we will simply ask for the square footage of your house because we have a multiplier to use to quickly find the average cost for your home.  Pricing for a 3000 square foot house is usually between $200-500.

Driveway Cleaning Prices

Washing the driveway for removal of oil stains, dirt, algae, gum, and other unwanted stains starts at $150 and ranges upwards to $500+ depending on the size and length of the driveway.  The average 2 car wide driveway will usually cost around $200-400 and includes degreasing and hot-water power washing.
*Acid washing for rust removal and calcium deposit removal is priced separately.

Window Cleaning Prices

Interior and exterior window cleaning which includes a “wet cleaning” of the screens is usually between $10-15 per window but prices will vary based on the type of windows, accessibility, condition, and frequency of cleaning.

House Washing Prices

Although there are differing levels of aggressiveness (such as a soft-wash to a full on high pressure paint prep) the average price for a 3000 square foot house is usually between $200-$500.

Chandelier Cleaning Prices

It’s best to see the chandelier in order to price it accurately.
You can even text pictures of your chandelier to (714) 342.5326 or email pictures to kris@kcpowerclean.com for a faster and more accurate estimate!

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

$195 set-up/mobilization fee plus $2 per panel. Therefore a 50 panel home will cost $295
($195 mobilization fee + $100 for 50 panels).
*Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Some homes may better or worse access to panels, differing roof materials, roof accessibility, size of panels, etc.

How much electricity do dirty solar panels lose?
While many factors impact solar power production in solar panels, experts agree that you will lose power. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Inpidual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to ever clean their panels.
Heliotex Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

Commercial Pricing


Weekly to monthly service agreements usually range from $95-$295
Regular service usually includes:

  • trash enclosures
  • entrances
  • back door areas
  • drivethru’s etc.

Call for a customized quote and free demonstration.

Gas Stations

Weekly to monthly service agreements usually range from $95-$295
Regular service usually includes:

  • concrete islands
  • concrete around pumps
  • convenience store entrances
  • trash enclosures

Call for pricing on Canopy and/or Car-wash cleaning.

Shopping Centers

Most managers of shopping centers are advised to call us for a free in-person estimate and/or demonstration.

Industrial Buildings

Most managers of industrial buildings are advised to call us for a free in-person estimate and/or demonstration.

Wet & Dry Sand Blasting Rates

Usually ~ $200/hr for our dustless & traditional sandblasting rigs but prices vary based on the containment and disposal levels required.

Depending on application and kind of cleaning/restoration needed the coverage rates vary greatly.  However, it’s not uncommon to accomplish ~ 60 sq. ft. per hour on aggressive blasts and upwards of 200+ sq. ft. per hour on light blasts. On brush blasting projects, depending on the surface, it’s not uncommon to see 400 sq ft per hour of production.

We use several different kinds of abrasives.  Although there are many differing levels of aggressiveness, our most common medias are copper slag, crushed recycled glass, silica sand, nickel slag, walnut shells and garnet.

Free, no-obligation estimates over the phone.

All inquiries are answered in 24-48 hours. If you are in need of an immediate quote, please call the office at 714-342-5326.

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