If you had to guess what a power washing company in Southern California’s most inquired service is, you might never guess it to be gutter cleanings and downspout inspections.

Yet here we are heading toward what may be one of the biggest rainy seasons that we Californians have seen in years. The question you might want to ask yourself as a home owner is, “Am I prepared?”

At KC Power Clean we have the tools to reach gutters up to 2 stories without stepping foot on a roof. We choose to power wash the gutters on a low to medium pressure, along with flushing the downspouts in the same way. The power wash method works best because we can ensure your gutters will be completely cleared and that water will flow once the rain does hit. 

Ignoring this service does have a potential to cause damage to the home. Gutters will break off and pull on the eaves of a home once they become overloaded. The water overflow can also cause wood to rot and bring about more costs. 

In addition to our typical gutter cleaning, we offer preventative services your gutters. Often times, overhanging trees or dusty areas are the main culprits to causing gutter build up. If you can identify with this at your home then by installing our trusted gutter guards, we can maintain clean gutters for extended periods of time, saving you the headache of calling us back. 

Allow us at KC Power Clean to prepare your house and save damage to your home during this El Nino rainy season. Our typical gutter cleaning ranges from 200-400 dollars depending on the size of your home. It is a cost effective and practical service that is well worth the investment. 

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