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So sensitive yet so effective.  Kieserite blasting “Salt Blasting” is the newest and most improved method of deep cleaning pool tiles on the market today.

Kieserite, similar to epsom salts, is mined specifically for pool tile salt blasting.  Here are some of it’s advantages:

  • 100% non-hazardous- PERIOD
  • PH Neutral so no change to water chemistry
  • Safe on any Tile Surface including glass, ceramic, porcelain, pebble & stone
  • Water Soluble so it won’t harm your pool equipment
Long Lasting Shine

Benefits of a Sealing Service?

All porcelain and ceramic tiles are made with a clear glaze finish, there’s no need to seal them.  Buyer beware if you’re hiring a pool tile cleaning contractor who strongly pitches a sealer because it’s generally used as a cover-up for aggressive blasting measures.
Keep your pool inviting for years to come.  Our Salt blasting service restore the natural luster and beauty of your tiles to nearly like new.
A High Quality Penetrating Sealant can be applied if there is pre-existing damage that is causing the tile to show it’s age.
Up close look at an infinity pool that was sandblasted.
Complete Pool Service

We Replace Pool Coping Mastic

Your pool tiles are one aspect of an inviting pool, but so is the pool’s coping and it’s adjoining mastic.  We’ve got you covered.
Averaging $8/linear foot for remove and replacement.

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Most Common FAQs


What's the average pool cost?

We charge $8/ linear foot with a minimum charge of $800.

Generally, most pools range between $800-$1200, but we’re happy to measure your pool with our convenient online quoting software. 


How long does it take before I can swim in it?

Same day! That’s one of the beautiful benefits of our Salt Blasting Process.  Most pools take our guys 2-4 hours to complete, depending on how thick the calcium is.  The water will be marginally cloudy for about 8 hours of filtration cycle then it will be crystal clear again.


Do I have to drain my pool?

We will need to access the scum/calcified waterline, so if you can’t drain your waterline by 4-6″, then we can do it when we arrive with our water pump.


Can I do it myself?

Please don’t go at it with a pumice stone.  It almost always scratches the tile and causes irreversible damage. Our blasting process has been refined over several years of practice.  We do not recommend experimenting on your own pool.  Pool tile can very easily be damaged with improper blast pressure, media, nozzle size or angle of attack.


Does it work on Pebble Tec?

Yes, our process is proven to work on pebble tec pools.


How long will it stay clean?

It totally depends on each pools water chemistry.  We have a good connection if you need to test your water to a more in-depth degree.  Water can only be stabilized a certain # of times before it’s recommended to be replaced.

We also restore rock and water features!

Stone pond sandblasted to look like new.After sandblasting a stone pond.

Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

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