At KC Power Clean, we get requests on a daily basis to remove oil spills.  It is true that oil that is deep inside of concrete can be quite unforgiving.  Many power wash contractors will merely steam clean the surface, and some of them will even use some high quality detergents/degreasers.  Our process has been a 9 year work in progress to be able to get a process that has 3 phases that attacks oil and grease from several different types of chemistry.

Take a look at the before and after pics below…

before after oil stain

Fed Ex receiving yard
tar and oil spill cleaning Orange County

City of Laguna Niguel asphalt emulsion / oil spill clean up
oil stain removal parking lots

Long Beach parking stall
It’s results like these why several cities, municipalities, fortune 500 companies, and even discerning homeowner’s use our services everyday.

If you have an oil spill that needs cleaned up, whether on a small driveway or even in / around your shop, give us a call at 714.34.CLEAN.