Steam cleaning and hot-water power washing in Newport Beach

Our power washing services are perfect for your home or business.  We have top-end industrial grade equipment that can heat the water over 200 degrees to help remove all kinds of unsightly stains.  More importantly, our team is equipped with the know-how to get the pressure washing job done in a time efficient manner so that your Newport Beach house or business can look like new and save you money in the process. 
If your Newport Beach house is dirty with cobwebs from those darn spiders, or if it even has algae and mold on the surface, we have methods that can clean the surface without harming the paint.  Our power washing methods are flexible enough that we can lower the amount of pressure to a desirable amount so that the surface being cleaned is left unharmed and damage free.  If extra cleaning is needed, we have the tools.  Some of our favorite tools to use in conjunction with power washing is long carbon fiber poles that can go as high as 55 feet in the air. These poles have a soft bristled brush on the end of them to help scrub down dirty stains on buildings that are out of reach for the power washer.
If your driveway is looking dirty, we also have a Newport Beach driveway cleaning service that can remove oils and greases from automotive spills.  We can even remove rust and fertilizer stains, which are usually orange in color.  If we can’t remove the stains by hot-water power washing, we can add an acidic detergent that will help lighten the stain.  If the stain still shows after that procedure, we can use a wet-sand blast attachment to remove it completely.
We power wash just about anything outside, even awnings and roofs.  Our roof cleaning in Newport Beach is great for algae, dirt, mold, moss, and landscape/tree debris.  Pressure washing your roof should be done by a licensed professional who carries workers compensation and is fully insured with general liability insurance.  More importantly, they should have experience with this type of job because walking on roofs improperly can cause thousands of dollars of damage.  That’s why each of our jobs is thoroughly inspected and left without any broken tiles or free tile replacement so that you can rest assured you will not have a leak soon after. 
But our power washing isn’t just for homes it is also good for your business.  One of the more common commercial pressure washing services in Newport Beach is cleaning of the storefront facades and concrete. Then after removing all of the gum and other stains on the concrete, we will wash the walls and exterior windows so that your customers arrive to a spot-free clean establishment.  
Power washing in Newport Beach pays for itself like all maintenance does.  Our methods are environmentally friendly because we use biodegradable detergents and we have water reclaim units on each of our rigs.  Water reclamation is a sore subject for many power washing companies because they don’t like to invest extra money in making sure they can protect the environment, but it is an important part of the power washing industry because hot-water pressure washing can bring many oils out of dirty concrete.  These oils can run down to the storm drains and into the local waterways and even ocean. 
Even tricky Newport Beach jobs can be done with hot-water power washing, such as removing failed or ugly epoxy coatings.  This video below shows just how powerful our machines are (imagine what damage could be done if put in the wrong hands of an unlicensed and uninsured contractor).