dustless blasting in action on house in Irvine

This dustless blasting project was unique.
We were referred to this homeowner in need, who also happens to be a custom home builder, who has a home in Shady Canyon in Irvine, CA.  The homeowner decided to put a water based stain on the block / stone wall around the entire house.  The color didn’t quite match the demonstration and after inspection, it was deemed that it had to come off.  

dustless blasted water based stain

small section blasted clean
This was a unique project in that we also power washed areas around the house while we were out there. We were able to save the client some money on power washing and sandblasting services because we brought a rig that has both a high volume hot-water power washer and a DB 500 dustless blaster.  The mere fact that we could blast next to multimillion dollar homes without causing friction between neighbors is a value that is difficult to measure.


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