There are projects that normal sand blasters and using a system like our Dustless Blaster can BOTH tackle no problem. Then there are those that the Dustless Blaster leaves a dry sand blaster in the dust.

At KC Power Clean, we put the system to the test twice and came out successful. The system is not perfect by any means, but to say that there’s someone else out there that can do what we did with a normal system is just a stretch. 

In the same same we traveled to a home in Buena Park, CA to strip a 34′ Pontiac to bare metal, even removing rust pits that weren’t removable by hand and saving the owner months of hand sanding and arduous labor in just 5 hours. The best part is, we did it in the afternoon…IN HIS DRIVEWAY! We laid plastic on the ground, closed the garage and went to work for a few hours. Check out the results!

Our next task was just as daunting as the concrete foundation of a home in Malibu, CA needed sand blasting so that contractors could recoat and solidify it’s pillars. The project was literally on the water, and no other sand blaster wanted any part of it. So after some thoughtful planning, we decided to go for it as there were simply no other options. Check out the view on this one!