Here’s a sound that none of us want to wake up to at 2:30 AM…the groan of a second story rain gutter, filled to the brim with water, leaves and mud, sagging with years of neglect, as it separates from the fascia board and collapses to the ground.

CRASH.  It probably woke up the neighbors and now your dog won’t stop barking.  Great.

Rain gutters and downspouts, like everything else in this world, need a little upkeep now and then to operate at their maximum efficiency levels.  That’s why we’ve been hard at work this fall making sure our customers don’t have any trouble when the rains come.

Believe it or not, this is what your rain gutters can look like.  Here, there’s only one place for water to flow and that’s straight toward the downspout.

First we remove all solid debris like sticks, leaves, moss, mud, bark, sludge…heck I’ve even seen grass growing a foot tall in someones rain gutter.

Then we use a high powered rinse to flush all the left over muck toward the downspouts.

Finally, we clear the downspouts of all impediments and watch the draining process for signs of “valleys” in the gutter system.  We fix those, if there are any, and then make it look like we were never there, rinsing all muck and sludge away.

Maintaining rain gutters without the proper equipment and expertise can be very dangerous.  Before you decide to climb up the extension ladder with a bucket and a spade, consider calling us for a free quote.  We know you won’t be disappointed.