dirty roof

clean awning

The seagulls can be a real mess, especially if they are dropping bombs on the top of your covered white structure.  Unfortunately this restaurant can’t do much about it as they are a highly protected species which can’t do much in way of bird abatement to keep them away from the roof structure.  

Cleaning this roof is a real challenge, especially to keep the project cost-effective.  The roof structure at it’s peak is over 30′ off the ground and the leading edge of the roof/gutter line is around 22′ off the ground.  As you can see the entire roof is made of a white canvas material and the support structure below doesn’t allow it to be walked on as it’s essential one great, big awning.

Therefore, the big challenge on this cleaning, like many others, is an issue relating to accessing the problem. Thankfully this was a pretty easy task for our crew as we specialize in those hard to reach areas.  Instead of ordering a bulky, expensive 60′ articulating lift (which alone would cost around $1000 for delivery, rental, enviro fees etc), we pulled out our long 55′ carbon scrub poles.  These poles were the perfect solution to this problem as we could simply ladder up to the edge of the awning/roof and extend our poles onto the structure to scrub away that unattractive bird poop.  Check out this picture below…

scrubbing roof

long poles to gently scrub the surface
This scrubbing was used in conjunction with our power washer which basically served as a soap applicator and rinsing aid.  As you can tell from the pictures below, the white awning structure brightened up as the dirt came cascading off the surface and the bird droppings were scrubbed clean.  It’s important to note that the bird droppings are usually very acidic, and if left unattended, will often eat into painted surfaces or even through durable surfaces such as this awning.  
bird droppings on roof

notice the bird poop and grime
clean roof

clean roof
bird poop

seagulls to blame

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If there’s evidence of unwanted birds flying around your restaurant, you know that’s not good for business. Let us help restore the exterior appearance and set up a maintenance schedule to keep the area looking it’s finest!