Along the coast of Orange County and Los Angeles, there are so many roofs that are growing this unsightly moss and algae. This Newport Beach homeowner was ready to replace his cedar shake wood shingled roof because of the unsightly green moss.   He was renovating the exterior of his house and figured that it would be nice to also have his roof freshened up.  The homeowner’s local roofer who was honest enough to advise him that the shingles didn’t necessarily need to be replaced but rather just washed since their structure wasn’t compromised. 

That’s when the KC Power Clean team was called in to clean and seal this cedar shake roof.   
Now this roof posed several challenges.  First of all, it was a very steep roof.  Even with professional fall arrest equipment and multiple repelling devices, our team was stretched and challenged.  Second, the exterior of the house had just been painted and it was absolutely critical to not stain the fresh white paint. Lastly, the wood shake could not be damaged by a high pressure water blaster so our team had to implement some unique detergents that soften the mold and algae so that it doesn’t require high pressure to remove.

Take a look below.

partly dry

color restored after sealing