greasy concrete warehouse floor

Before / After
In Los Angeles on a hot summer day there was some employees who got a little lazy at a food processing plant that makes vegetable oils.  In the midst of their carelessness they had an accident involving a forklift and a pallet of their food grade oils and the concrete took the brunt of it.

That’s when they called in the pros at KC Power Clean.  They some of our videos on Youtube where we displayed our state of the art hot-water power washing and instant water recovery system.  Take peak of the short video we shot while on location…

water recovery surface cleaner

instant water capture

There are some key benefits to our customers from this type of power washing

  • no water splashing nearby workspace
  • eco-friendly power washing
  • a “hotter” clean due to the vacuum effect
  • reduced times due to not needing to rinse the surface
  • reduced costs because less labor is needed to control water

dirty and clean picture of warehouse concrete

Before / After
This type of hot-water power washing is very rare since not many contractors have our state of the art vacuum.  It actually requires a very powerful vacuum to drive this system, one that could almost suck the skin off your face!  When inquiring about this type of service, ask the contractor if if their vacuum is electric or gas-powered since the gas powered vacuums are much bigger, costlier and stronger than electric vacuums.