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Whether it's a paint prep or a softwash, we can clean any vertical surface.

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A professional power graded detergent is applied cleaning a house concrete wall located in Orange County.
A man is doing a pressure washing cleaning of a house concrete wall in Orange County
House Washing Made Easy

How We Clean Houses & Stucco

Before applying any pressure to your home, make sure the surface is in good enough condition to clean. KC Power Clean applies professional grade detergents to soften surface stains and organic growth.  We insist on job walkthroughs and inspections to be sure you’re getting the best service every time.

Since 2006, KC Power Clean has been washing houses, stucco, siding and commercial buildings across Orange County and Los Angeles. Our service standards have labeled us as the most recognized and trusted pressure washing company in he area. If you care about a job being done right, the first time, every time, give KC Power Clean a call. You’ll be glad you did.
Let Us Clean Your Exterior Windows Too

Exterior Window Scrub With Pure Water

A house or building wash service shines even more with sparkling windows. We use pure-water filtration to scrub your windows clean. 

What Makes KC Powe Clean Better?

Meticulous Attention to Detail

From your first call to the last drop of water, your experience matters. After over 15 years of serving the Orange County and Los Angeles communities, we’ve learned that customer service and cleaning excellence are equally important.
The process we use to clean most homes is called ‘soft washing’ which has become the gold standard in safe and effective pressure washing over the past few years. Some pressure washing companies rely on water pressure to get a surface clean. The soft washing process uses the power of chemistry to ensure your home gets cleaner and stays cleaner for longer. Guaranteed!
A before and after results of a brick wall cleaning in house located in Orange County.
A clean wooden wall of a house located in Orange County.
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Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

A 100% satisfaction guaranteed logo for KC Power Clean Inc.
Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

House and Building Wash Talking Points

Most Common FAQs


Are You Insured?

100% Absolutely. In fact, when looking for a sand blasting or pressure washing service, this needs to be a requirement. Using untrained or unprofessional contractors could cost you thousands in damages. Be sure to check out our page of insurance documentation.


How long have you been in business?

KC Power Clean is proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2021. During our time serving Orange County and Los Angeles communities, we’ve learned what matters most. Delivering our brand promise, promptly, and with minimal disruption to your day.


Will the building wash damage my stucco or siding?

Absolutely not.  Our wash technique incorporates custom nozzles that throttle down the pressure to appropriate ranges, around 1500psi.  Any loose paint that is peeling or stucco that is not adhered could be barged loose, but we can take care to stay off compromised areas unless you want them washed off in preparation for repair work.


What does a house or building wash clean?

With variable pressures available, we can clean a wide range of stains such as organic growth (mold/algae), cobwebs, carbon soot, oxidation, rust stains, and occasionally ivy tendrils. A pressure washer + professional soaps in the right hands creates curb appeal and revitalizes any exterior surface to look like-new. 


Do you get under the eaves or high areas?

Our washers are high flow units that can spray water up to 40′ high to remove light stains like carbon soot, cobwebs and bird droppings.  We always spray under the eaves on our house and building washes to clean those pesky spider webs and bird nests.


How much does it cost?

Generally, most homes under 4000 sq ft are washed in the $250-$450 range, but larger custom homes may require more attention.  Most commercial building washing is priced by the square footage around $.10-15 per sq ft.

From Filthy To Flawless

Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

A before and after concrete wall cleaning of a factory located in Orange County.

Keeping Safety Top of Mind

Before you hire a pressure washing and house washing professional, make sure they are both experts and an insured contractor. Protect yourself and your biggest investment.
Saftey on the job site includes keeping your property, our technicians and your plants safe throughout the entire process. From the moment your KC Power Clean technician arrives at your home, they will approach the project with the upmost care and attention to detail. Everything from your windows being closed to electrical sockets covering and plant life will be cared for as if we were cleaning our own property. We look forward to serving your home.
An unclean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.A clean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.
An unclean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.A clean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.
An unclean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.A clean concrete wall of a house located in Orange County.

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We LISTEN & learn about your project needs via a quick phone call, often receiving pictures or videos to help aid in the discussion. We may set up a jobwalk to inspect the property in person where necessary

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We always strive to demonstrate a "proof of concept" either via explaining the process or sending you pictures & video demonstration. We can even arrange a sample demonstration if the job is complex

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We'll send you a written estimate so easy to understand that a 6th grader gets it. Get excited about your new project and rest easy knowing experts are doing the job.


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