Ever look at a building and say to yourself, “Gee, I wonder how they clean that glass way up there?”  I didn’t think so.  With skyscraper and other high rise buildings, it’s pretty straightforward if they can lower a platform from the roof.  You’ve probably seen them at it.

But with awkwardly shaped buildings and window panes the task can be a bit more difficult.  If only there was some sort of telescoping, super light weight but sturdy pole that had a brush on one end and shot pure water out the end so you could scrub and rinse without ever leaving the ground….


Hey what do you know? I guess the guys down at MIT or General Electric or whoever comes up with all the good ideas have been hard at work.  For slanted windows, or windows on buildings that don’t make sense to use a platform, the water-fed pole is the perfect solution.

It shoots pure water onto the glass and then the operator uses the brush to remove the dirt and grime.  Finally, one simply holds the brush a couple inches off the glass while the pure water rinses it all down for a spot free clean.  Pretty ingenious stuff and it has gotten us out of a lot of jams over the years.  Nowadays we don’t leave the warehouse without it.  Here’s another shot of the water fed pole at work: