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The bulk of our services are exterior cleaning/maintenance services, we also offer several other services that not only help increase property values but can lead to a better quality of life. We strongly believe that having clean environments help foster better relationships, whether at work or at home.

Graffiti Removal Services for the Greater Los Angeles Area


Dustless Blasting Graffiti Away


For those nasty tags where there may be multiple layers of graffiti, dustless blasting offers a very effective solution to the age-old problem of “containment” that always exists with any form of media blasting.

Gets through even the toughest coatings
May slightly profile sensitive substrates

“Steam Cleaning” w/ solvents


For unpainted masonry, chemical power washing is a cost-efficient option for removing thin layers of painted graffiti.

Minimal Damage to Substrate
Difficult to remove multiple layers 

Over it


​Oftentimes, it’s much cheaper and easier to just paint over it…  It’s like “fighting fire with fire”.  This is usually the case when graffiti was originally tagged on a previously painted surface because either blasting or washing the graffiti away without disturbing the underlying paint is very difficult and unlikely.

Oftentimes cheaper/faster than removal
Can be very unsightly since the covering paint is nearly impossible to match and eventually it may add to the difficulty of stripping

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti is a constant battle. If you are looking for a solution to help aid in waging the war against graffiti tags, you might want to consider either a semi-sacrificial or even a permanent graffiti coating.  These coatings can’t stop graffiti from sticking to the surface, but they help keep the graffiti from penetrating into the pores of the masonry surface and aid in the process by providing easier measures on future graffiti removal cleanings.

Semi-sacrificial coatings are usually cheaper by nature and must be re-applied after each cleaning as some of the coating may be removed with the cleaning process.

Non-sacrifical (Permanent) coatings are nearly indestructible against measures such as pressure washing and steam cleaning but can be removed with abrasive sand blasting.  Although they come at a drastically higher installation cost, they have really advanced over the last ten years in providing a long-term graffiti fighting solution.

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