Our team recently finished a large epoxy floor cleaning and sealing for a manufacturing company in Orange County, CA.
Their concrete floor has had an epoxy surface for over 10 years- without much protection or maintenance. With their continued forklift use, daily deliveries, and much foot-traffic, it’s easy to see that their floor has seen better days.  Our crew was called in to see if we can revive the old epoxy floor.

dirty epoxy floor

close up of the damage- notice the scuff marks

epoxy floor scrubbing

Test area- Notice how the color was revived

epoxy floor cleaning processcleaning process

Our low speed scrubbing machines were used with detergents designed to removed scuff marks, foot traffic stains, and forklift tracks.

sealed epoxy floorAfter applying a topical sealer

After a weekend of degreasing, scrubbing, squeegeeing, vacuuming, and sweating like crazy, our team saw the floor come back to life.  We received the “go-ahead” on applying a urethane fortified acrylic topical sealer (which is a fancy way of saying we sealed the epoxy floor).
In addition to adding a nice shine and low gloss to the floor, this sealer will help lower maintenance efforts, prevent scuff marks from damaging the epoxy, and will provide a “wear coat” so that their floor lasts for many more years.

sealing epoxy warehouse floors

close up of the sealed floor
Our crew was able to clean and seal over 10,000 square feet of epoxy flooring in a weekend so that the company could quickly resume their normal operations.