KC Power Clean was called out to an emergency project for a paving contractor in Diamond Bar, CA.  The contractor had never used our services before as they normally operate out of the Modesto area in Northern California but they were in need of immediate help since one of their paving trucks lost control and spilled a hot emulsion mix right near a storm drain.  

After talking with All American Asphalt, they were recommended to us as a trustworthy clean up crew.  Our crew has handled several clean up projects from large paving contractors in both Los Angeles and Orange County over the last few years because our rigs offer complete wash water compliance not only with the ability to reclaim the dirty, oily water but also recycle it properly.  It does no good if your contractor sucks up the water only to pump it to the bushes 50′ away since the next rain will drag that nasty residue right back to the drain.  

Our team was able to assist on this project within 2 hours of receiving the call since one of our 5 blast rigs was sitting in the shop and ready to go.

If you are a paving contractor or know one personally, do them a favor and pass along our contact info. They don’t know that they need us until it normally too late.

Thankfully, they knew some good people who put us together and we were able to even impress the local inspector with our process for cleaning up this small spill.