Dustless blasting paint off a wood siding house

When the city of Buena Park sent Bart a letter to have the less than good condition paint removed from the siding of his home, he figured he would put it off for a while.  Then the city came calling again and gave him 30 days to act, or else…

Bart called around to a few painters but each painter came back with the same response, “I don’t feel like painting over this will do any good unless you strip this old paint off first.”  Bart wasn’t ready to replace the siding on this one story house with a detached garage so he began his research on how to remove this paint cost-effectively.  After talking with a few sandblasting companies, each one said that their sandblasting was too rough and it would completely damage this softer wood.

Well, that’s where the dustless blaster offers some unique advantages over a traditional sandblasting service.  Nearly all dry sandblasters use a dry, big, heavy grade of sand.  Our dustless blaster can use that same large grade sand, but we can also use micro sized abrasives such as #70 crushed glass as we did on this project.  This abrasive particle is roughly 1/10 the size of a piece of blasting silica sand and it’s slightly less dense on the moh’s scale.  Dry sandblasters would never use it because it’s too light of an abrasive, UNLESS you mix it with water as we can in our patented dustless blaster.

That little difference was what allowed our team to strip this paint off the siding and not destroy the wood paneling siding.  Our man Bart is now a believer as he can paint his home knowing that it will last for many years to come.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting Paint off Wood

Stripping paint off wood can be a tedious process.  We were able to do the job in a relatively short amount of time using our