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Applying the right pressure since 2006

Hot Water Power Washing is great for Concrete Cleaning

When you need concrete cleaning done right, on-time, the first time, KC Power Clean is the answer. We offer fast turnaround times and free consultations.

Hot-water pressure washing concrete instantly removes dirt, grime, bubble gum drops and organic growth. If you’re tired of looking at ugly stains on your concrete driveway, patios, pool decks or walkways, our steam capable power washers will help clean and sanitize for a beautiful clean. 

For over 15 years, KC Power Clean has been investing in pressure washing and concrete cleaning technology and education making us the leading service company in Orange County and Los Angeles market. With over a dozen service vehicles and nearly every tool on the market, we’re equipped and ready to get your concrete looking new again FAST.

Protect Your Cleaned Concrete

We offer stains, sealers and coatings

Nothing restores concrete quite like KC PowerClean’s concrete cleaning service. Enhance your concrete with the right beautifying concrete stain, or protect it with a long-lasting sealer.

Pictured here is our penetrating concrete guard (like a “scotchgard” but for your concrete), which helps stain-proof concrete and make maintenance easier.

How It's Done

Concrete Cleaning Process

Service and quality: From the first call to the final walkthrough, your experience matters. Here’s how we deliver.

First, we will assess the nature of the stains on (or in) the concrete or paver surface to give a proper diagnosis. There isn’t a “1 solution to fix all” problems so we want to ensure that our suggested process, tools, and detergents that are brought on the first visit accomplish the cleaning objective.  We can’t say enough about a proper diagnosis, and you sending us pictures or videos helps expedite that process.

Hot-water power washing (with the right detergents) is great for:

  • dust, dirt, mud and bird droppings
  • tree droppings, mold, moss or algae “aka organic growth”
  • drink and food stains (such as coffee spills, syrups etc)
  • tire tracks or spills from automotive fluids
  • bubble gum drops
  • graffiti removal on unpainted masonry surfaces
  • urine, feces or blood matter (human waste)

 To put it simply, hot- water power washing is best for cost-effective cleaning for water soluble surface level stains.  But if you have stains that have penetrated deep into the surface that you want to restore OR removal of heavy paints or coatings that you want to take off- then sandblasting concrete may be the better option.  We’re happy to walk you through to a wise and budget appropriate decision.

A man is doing concrete cleaning using a hot water power washing in a house located in Orange County.
Chemically stripping a failed sealer off pavers
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Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

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Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

Pressure Washing & Sandblasting Excellence

Most Common FAQs


Are You Insured?

100% Absolutely. In fact, when looking for a sand blasting or pressure washing service, this needs to be a requirement. Using untrained or unprofessional contractors could cost you thousands in damages. Be sure to check out our page of insurance documentation.


How long have you been in business?

KC Power Clean is proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2021. During our time serving Orange County and Los Angeles communities, we’ve learned what matters most. Delivering our brand promise, promptly, and with minimal disruption to your day.


Do I need pressure washing or sand blasting?

With a few texted or emailed pictures, our team can indicate the best choice but pressure washing is generally suitable for water soluble stains or surface level grime.  It is faster to accomplish in terms of square footage production per hour.  


What can pressure washing remove?

With variable pressures available, pressure washing is best solution for hard surfaces with organic growth. A pressure washer creates curb appeal and revitalizes any exterior surface to look like-new. We do offer sandblasting when the pressure washers isn’t enough.


Is it dusty or messy?

Pressure washing is a very clean process but it can splatter dirty wash water onto windows and delicate nearby surfaces or furniture.  It’s best done prior to a window cleaning.  For certain applications we do have a water recovery system to eliminate all splashing.


How much does it cost?

It really depends on the surface and stain, but generally pressure washing ranges from $.05 per sq ft (for things like parking garages) up to $.50 per sq ft for intensive spill clean up with water recovery & recycling requirements.  Every job varies so let’s “start the convo”

From Filthy To Flawless

Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

A man is doing concrete pressure washing cleaning in a factory located in Orange County.
A two service company trucks and two members of their operation team of KC Power Clean are doing highway pressure cleaning in Orange County.
Avoiding Shortcuts

Building Relationships

Whether you are a home-owner doing some spring cleaning or doing some pre- or post- party clean up, OR a contractor or property manager who needs help finding a contract cleaner who provides consistent & reliable solutions, we’re here for you.

From the initial phone call or email response to the the time to get dispatched, we respond faster.  

Due to our processes, technology and most importantly people; we provide higher quality results the first time.

We will work with your budget to provide the best available solution to get it clean & keep it clean.

An unclean concrete brick in a house located in Orange County.A clean concrete brick in a house located in Orange County.
A before and after concrete cleaning in a driveway located in Orange County.A before and after concrete cleaning in a driveway located in Orange County.
An unclean concrete brick in house entrance is located in Orange County.A clean concrete brick in house entrance is located in Orange County.

Get Ready For Amazing Results

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Working With Us Is Easy as 123

Step 1


We LISTEN & learn about your project needs via a quick phone call, often receiving pictures or videos to help aid in the discussion. We may set up a jobwalk to inspect the property in person where necessary

Step 2


We always strive to demonstrate a "proof of concept" either via explaining the process or sending you pictures & video demonstration. We can even arrange a sample demonstration if the job is complex

Step 3


We'll send you a written estimate so easy to understand that a 6th grader gets it. Get excited about your new project and rest easy knowing experts are doing the job.


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