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Solid Color Stains

Solid Color Concrete Stains are a great way to keep it simple.  Our interior and exterior grade concrete stains can harmonize the look and feel of concrete hardscapes with your home’s softscapes, tying it all together.

Solid color stains can completely hide concrete imperfections, whether they be deep mineral stains, concrete curing issues, or just years of aging.  Even old and new concrete slabs can be tied together with a nice solid color stain.

Our concrete stains can be done in multiple color schemes, blending in borders and coping into the greater vision of the exterior of your property.

Translucent Stains

Translucent concrete stains add character to the existing concrete slab.  The irregularities that appear in the surface will often show through the stain, but will be accented with a hint of color.
Translucent stains are a better match when people don’t mind the irregularities that exist in their concrete, but simply want to spice it up with a color infusion.  As the word implies, these stains do not create an opaque coating, but rather infuse the concrete with a color dye.

Stamped Concrete Restoration

Stamped concrete staining and sealing is an artform in its own. It can sometimes involve a full surface strip

Our unique process allows for people to completely recolor their stamped concrete, or simply just rejuvenate the same colors with a nice pop of enhancing colors and sealers.

We offer an annual maintenance programs where our technicians can properly clean, inspect and reseal as necessary to keep your investment looking great for years.

To Spark Your Creativity...

A Sealant that lasts 10+ years? Really??

The absolute best way to protect your concrete from deep stain penetration (even against automotive fluids!) is with a natural looking penetrative sealer that has crazy longevity.

We have searched the globe, and the x-factor was brought in from Germany…

We also have a wide range of low and high gloss sealers in what is known as a film-forming or topical sealant category. Let our team of experts help simplify a rather complicated world of concrete sealants.

Concrete Staining & Sealing

Most Common FAQs


How Much Does it Cost?

Generally speaking it is around $3-5.50 per sq ft, depending on the surface prep requirements, # of colors, & size of job.


How Long do most Projects take?

Generally residential projects are completed in 1-5 days, with most average size projects taking 2-3 days start to finish.


How Long do I need to Stay Off the Concrete?

Most concrete stains are walkable same day, within hours of installing.  Most heavy traffic like furniture or vehicle traffic will need 48 hours to cure. Water should be off the surface for a minimum of 24 hours so it is a “weather permitting” service.


How Shiny or Slippery will my concrete be?

We usually recommend people go with a low gloss sealer, as it’s the most popular choice by far.  We like to refer to it as giving the surface a nice sheen.  We do offer high gloss and matte finish sealers as well and every job is catered to our clients particular requests.
We can add a grip additive into the topcoat of the sealer to help stabilize the traction or friction on a surface, especially around pools or when the surface is off grade.


How long will my concrete stain last?

It always depends on the amount of abuse and maintenance it receives.  Let us help set up a maintenance package that is a super cost effective way to keep the surfaces cleaned and sealed on a hassle free, regular basis.
If cleaned properly and resealed on schedule, it can last over a decade.


Do I have to sandblast the surface to prep?

This is not always a requirement, but it is recommended in certain situations.  Our estimators will guide you in helping make a wise decision.
Ultimately, we need a clean, “tight”, & porous surface so that we can ensure a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

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Why Choose Us

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Reviews From Our Customers

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