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The bulk of our services are exterior cleaning/maintenance services, we also offer several other services that not only help increase property values but can lead to a better quality of life. We strongly believe that having clean environments help foster better relationships, whether at work or at home.

Window Cleaning Methods

There are two main methods for cleaning windows.  The traditional method is with a soapy solution applied via scrubber/applicator. Followed by a squeegee extraction to remove the dirty solution from the glass surface. The new method is with spot-free water and a water-fed-pole.  We offer both services.

Although the squeegee was the main staple of the window cleaning industry for nearly a hundred years, it has recently given way to a more efficient method that allows for a more thorough, faster, safer, and cost-effective cleaning.  However, this method is not suitable for all cleaning projects so our team of window cleaners is trained to effectively use a squeegee for spotless results.

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How does Spot-free water work?

It all starts with the idea of water being the universal solvent- even more so when it is extremely pure.  That’s why we take local tap water (which naturally has many ions such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron etc which all are routinely found in our city’s tap water at relatively high concentrations) and filter the water so that only pure H20 molecules remain.  When water is found in this very pure state, it becomes a more aggressive cleaning agent due to its polarity and strong ionic bonds.  In a sense, it “feeds” or “searches” for the impurities such as found on the surface of the glass.  When we use this purified water in conjunction with a long poles with gentle scrub brushes on the end of the pole we can deliver highly purified water up to 4 stories high to clean the glass surface.  The process is essentially cleaning by dilution with extremely purified water and gentle brushes to agitate and loosen the dirt off of the glass. All that remains once the dirt is rinsed away is purified water which will evaporate without leaving any streaks, smears, or water spots.  Therefore, as long as what needs cleaning on the glass is water soluble, there will be no need for aggressive soaps, squeegees or detail rags. That’s the beauty of the system.

However, it’s not a perfect system, and your service provider ought to be able to recognize its limitations.  There are some windows that need further attention due to heavier stains or non-water soluble debris on the glass surface.  Some examples of this “heavy debris” are silicon, calcium deposits (from hard-water), paint overspray, and stucco and mortar from construction related projects.

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A strategic approach needs to be taken when considering what approach is best for your glass cleaning needs.
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Commercial Window Cleaning

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