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Let's Make This The Most Lit Holiday Season Yet!


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Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holy!

Is what you’ll be singing when you see your beautifully decorated home this Christmas Season!
We will work with you to create a custom Christmas Light display that will add extra magic to your home during the holiday season.
Let’s make this the most lit! holiday season yet!

Get Your Home The Brightest!

1. Design Consultation

There are countless Christmas lights ideas, and no two are ever the same. A free design consultation is the first step in realizing your idea for your holiday lighting. in order to make your display festive and vibrant, we tailor each design. For help coming up with ideas, or to discuss a specific appearance, you can meet with one of our skilled Christmas light installers. You may realize your vision with the assistance of our virtual mock-up. Our displays of gorgeous and mesmerizing holiday lights are unparalleled.

2. Installation

Our fully qualified and insured installers are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for work. Each Christmas light installer has undergone thorough training to install your display of lights with consideration for your home. To install your lights fast, effectively, and without any hassles, they employ systems and techniques. We take pride in offering topnotch professional installation to our clients, making sure that your lights are installed with utnost care.

3. Maintenance

We want to make your Christmas lighting less of a bother so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Give us a call and they will come fix it if a bulb burns out or an unforeseen storm disturbs your display. We’ll see to it that your Christmas lights look stunning the entire time.

4. Removal

At the end of the season, our personnel will return to carefully and meticulously remove your display. Beginning on January 2 and lasting February 2 (Weather permitting).

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

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I’m so glad to report such s great experience this was on such short notice. German was so professional and gave us great information and a great deal so thank you sir. His guy Manny came out on time, dressed professionally and was so nice. He worked very hard NonStop! He was very detail in his skills and determined to do the job right. Manny really knew how to treat customers, thanks Manny. And thanks to KC Power Clean!
KC Power Clean was very professional and attentive to our needs. Ivan worked extremely hard to make our house shine. Their communication was top notch and detailed. They delivered what they promised.
Vipul Kapadia
KC is an excellent company! I needed a job finished ASAP and they worked with their schedules to get me in as quick as possible. The finished work was superb. I will absolutely use them again and would recommend them to anybody.
Pilar Michalis

Frequently Asked Christmas Lighting Questions

LED lights are more energy-efficient and tend to last longer than traditional bulbs. They also emit less heat, making them safer. However, some people prefer the warmth and nostalgic glow of traditional bulbs. It's a personal choice, but from an energy and safety perspective, LEDs have the upper hand.

Here are KC Power Clean, we use C9 LED lights which are energy saving, durable, and safe. Which often make them a more favorable option for creating stunning and efficient holiday light displays.

Safety is paramount during Christmas light installation, especially when working at heights or near electrical sources. At KC Power Clean, we take several measures to safeguard both the property and ourselves.

We use ladders with stabilizers and wear safety harnesses to prevent falls. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are used to prevent electrical shocks. Regular equipment checks and training sessions are held to maintain safety standards.


Designing a Christmas light display requires a combination of the client's preferences and our expertise. A thorough assessment of the property, combined with a clear understanding of the client's vision, helps in determining the optimal design.

We conduct an initial consultation to understand the landscape, architecture, and potential focal points.

A preliminary design is presented to the client for feedback and approval. The design takes into account safety, power sources, and the property's aesthetic appeal.

Given that Christmas lights are exposed to external elements, there's a possibility of them needing adjustments or repairs. We generally offer maintenance services to ensure the display looks its best throughout the season.

Regular check-ins or scheduled visits are conducted to ensure the lights function properly.

Immediate assistance is usually provided in case of malfunctions or outages.




Let's Make This The Most Lit Holiday Season Yet!