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When you need sandblasting services for brick done right, on-time, the first time, KC Power Clean is the answer. Now offering same / next day service options and free project walk-throughs.
New brick and brick restoration has been in style over the past few years. If you’re looking to revitalize your brick walls or flooring, sandblasting is your answer. With surgical precision, our sandblasting equipment is able to safely and effectively remove any staining, graffiti, imperfections and pitting to leave your concrete looking fresh and revitalized.
Brick is a sensitive product, typically made with clay or synthetic composite, the integrity of your bricks can quickly lose their strength. Before any sandblasting job, out certified contractors will come to your home or business to assess the type of brick and your expectations before any sandblasting is done. When you care about your results, Call KC Power Clean.
Brick & Paver Sealing Service

We use the best penetrating and topical sealers

Whether you have interlocking pavers, smooth fired brick, or antique brick, we can walk you through a sealing process onsite with demonstrations to achieve the look and feel that you are after.
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Brick Standblasting Process

Painted brick is beautiful when new, but over time become looses its luster. It may seem impossible to remove any paint or sealer, but with the right equipment, restoration or re-sealing is routine. Fortunately, sandblasting will remove layers of paint and grime from bricks making them look new again. We’ve developed a fine media blasting process, giving your brick walls a new lease on life. Here’s how we approach your job.
For masonry surfaces, dry sandblasting is preferred because of it’s ability to clean without the mess. Wet blasting can erode your mortar, working it’s way into the porous brick mortar joints.
Variable pressure is paramount when cleaning brick depending on its condition and the thickness of the paint.  We always start with very low pressure and increase it gradually until the paint peels away from the brick without causing damage to the underlying brick surface.
To reduce the chance for damage, we ensure your windows, wood trim or any sensitive surfaces are covered or protected since the pressure needed to clean brick could alter adjacent surfaces. Using a professional sandblasting company will save you time and potentially thousands of dollars.
Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

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Most Common FAQs


Are You Insured?

100% Absolutely. In fact, when looking for a sand blasting service, this is a must-have requirement. Using untrained or unprofessional contractors could cost you thousands in damages. Be sure to check out our page of insurance documentation. For over 15 years, KC Power Clean has been providing sandblasting services to Orange County and Los Angeles homes & businesses.


How long have you been in business?

KC Power Clean is proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2021. During our time serving Orange County and Los Angeles communities, we’ve learned what matters most. Delivering our brand promise, promptly, and with minimal disruption to your day.


Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in Brea, California 92821 and servicing all of Orange County and Los Angeles with sandblasting and pressure washing services. Most of our services offered are for cleaning, or prepping restoration. With multiple teams, we’re big enough to serve and small enough to care.


What can sand blasting remove?

With variable pressures available, sand blasting is the pound for pound best restoration tool for hard surfaces. It can get in where other cleaners can’t removing sealers, paint, stains, coatings, glues and epoxy.


Is it dusty or messy?

Brick is inherently a dusty material.  Although our blast media are non friable, meaning they don’t breakdown into dust fragments on impact, brick itself will cause some dust.  The dust however is easily contained and cleaned up but like most blast jobs, it’s a small 1 step back in order to achieve 2 steps forward.


Is sandblasting affordable?

One primary reason to get an on-site consultation for sandblasting services is to provide an accurate quote. In some cases, all that is needed is pressure washing. Generally, sandblasting is will be a higher cost than pressure washing with the benefits of significant improvement on detail.

From Filthy To Flawless

Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

Enhance Curb Appeal

Keeping Your Property Beautiful

Maintaining your property enhances curb appeal, increases employee morale and helps increase sales at businesses and new construction. Sandblasting, brick and paver restoration is the best way to save time and money.
Keeping up with property maintenance is a time consuming chore that can get out of hand quickly if you allow surfaces to become too dirty or worn. Sandblasting brick and paver stones is the best way to preserve the integrity of your exteriors surfaces. Since 2006, KC Power Clean has been the Orange County and Los Angeles leader in brick sandblasting services. If you want the job done right, the first time, every time. Give us a call. If you call someone else, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

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We LISTEN & learn about your project needs via a quick phone call, often receiving pictures or videos to help aid in the discussion. We may set up a jobwalk to inspect the property in person where necessary

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We always strive to demonstrate a "proof of concept" either via explaining the process or sending you pictures & video demonstration. We can even arrange a sample demonstration if the job is complex

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