Automotive Sandblasting

Non-destructive fine media blasting for cars, trucks and trailers

superbee blast
Our "Made for Metal" non-warping media blasting

Our Process

1) We come to you to save on transportation costs 2) We set up containment 3) We blast until it’s just right with non-warping media and low-pressure blast techniques 4) We blow down, vacuum, and clean up thoroughly.
We can contract for a set fee OR oftentimes customers want an hourly rate where they can control the project and have our blast expert start in the areas that matter most.  Many times, blasting autos is like a discovery process, with hidden bondo and other surprises waiting below the old, faded paint.
Let our team of expert blasters help get your restoration project back down to bare bones, so you can build it back up- Better than Ever!
Car Priming Service

Did you know? We can also primer your car!

You can either keep our operator on the job while you prime it or we can shoot the primer for you.  One of the biggest challenges to a fine paint job is a strong volume of clean & dry air- and our rigs are well equipped for that.

Fast Service

1 day turnaround

Don’t let your project take weeks before you get your car, trailer, or heavy equipment project back!

Why wait weeks for your car to be stripped?

  • Nearly all cars done in 1 day
  • Weekends available
  • No transportation fees
  • Increased control of your project 
  • Make gametime decisions such as “blast this bondo out”
Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

Sandblasting Excellence - Orange County & Los Angeles

Most Common FAQs


How much does it cost?

Most exterior cars are around $600-1200, depending on the size, # of coats of paint, and the # of surfaces that need blasted.


Can we do it in my driveway?

Generally yes! Some unique HOA’s in socal do not allow sandblasting at all, but if you know of no restrictions, it’s probably ok.  It makes no more noise or mess than sandblasting a driveway


Is Dustless Blasting Better?

We have 3 dustless blasting units, and frankly wet blasting is generally a last resort.  Dry blasting makes an overall cleaner jobsite with no flash rush issues or wet-lodged sand in any crevices. Dry blasting provides better blast finesse from an operator who doesn’t have to fight through slurry or wet media which is a huge “flash rust” culprit.


Does it warp my metal?

There is no evidence that dry blasting causes any more chance of warping than wet blasting.  Warping comes from improper media choice (density, angularity, hardness, blast pressure and technique). Think of warping as stretching the metal with tiny hammers (each particle of sand).  It doesn’t stretch due to the media being wet or dry.


Do we have a blast booth?

At the moment, we are mobile only, but we do take appointments for blasting at our shop on the weekends.  These fill up fast so call ahead!


How should I prep the car?

“Blast Ready” means that all chrome pieces are removed and any other delicate pieces are unassembled prior to our arrival.  Some glass can be protected but i’s always best to just have a shell prior to blasting.

From Filthy To Flawless

Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

Sandblasting a vintage car.
Details Matter

It takes doing it wrong before you can get it right

We’ve learned over the years the hard way, let us bring our experience to you.
You’ve been waiting for years to get this project restored.  Let the pros come alongside you to get every inch of your restoration just right.  Don’t leave it for a rookie or beginner to learn the ropes on your future masterpiece.

Get Ready For Amazing Results

Our Service Areas

What to Expect

Working With Us Is Easy as 123

Step 1


We LISTEN & learn about your project needs via a quick phone call, often receiving pictures or videos to help aid in the discussion. We may set up a jobwalk to inspect the property in person where necessary

Step 2


We always strive to demonstrate a "proof of concept" either via explaining the process or sending you pictures & video demonstration. We can even arrange a sample demonstration if the job is complex

Step 3


We'll send you a written estimate so easy to understand that a 6th grader gets it. Get excited about your new project and rest easy knowing experts are doing the job.


Providing Excellence