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Why Dustless Blasting is the best choice for stripping paint and rust off your car?

Dustless Blasting

Stripping your car of its paint, rust and body filler can be a tough and confusing decision. Many of our customers want more information on the process so they can make a decision that works best for their needs. We’ve compiled some various fun facts about the different ways to meet your stripping needs.

Although there may be no perfect method, we believe the Dustless Blaster is the best all around option for getting your project paint ready.

    While our crew takes our blast rig to the site of your project, you can lay back and drink a few beers while watching the magic from the comfort of your garage.
    The Dustless Blasting system mixes water with the media inside the blast pot. By adding water to the media, we can utilize micro-sized abrasive.  The result of the water vapor and delicate blast media= great reduction in the chance of damaging thinner body panels.  Glass and chrome can still be damaged so it’s imperative that those pieces are either removed prior to the blast date or thoroughly covered with thick duct tape and a high quality plastic. We recommend 6 mil plastic and “gorilla tape”.
    Because of the versatility in abrasive, the fine media we use has enough hardness to remove all rust, epoxy paint and primers, powdercoating, and even the heaviest body filler… leaving your car with a clean, white-metal finish.
    All of our equipment is combined onto a truck and trailer combination. We have stripped cars in driveways, industrial lots, autobody shops, and even in our own shop. We take the blast to wherever is most convenient for you.
  • COST:
    On the spectrum of options, Dustless Blasting ranks in the middle of pack. There are cheaper options, but those options don’t offer the same unique advantages, value and protection.
  • Fun Factor:
    Can’t be beat.  We’ve had grown men beg take the nozzle out of our hands, hand us their iPhone and demand we shoot a video of them blasting so they could show it to their friends.  Almost makes me think we ought to rent these blast rigs out!

How to Prepare for your Dustless Blasting Date!


We almost never price cars with a flat rate since every blast is different.  We generally charge an hourly rate for our services since there are varying degrees of prep, containment, detail required, amongst other factors.
We can give you an approximate cost if you send us pictures (by text or email) of the object to be blasted but we will also inquire about:

  • Will it be “blast ready”?  No chrome, glass, delicate plastic, fiberglass, or even upholstery to remove or protect
  • Where are we blasting? Setting up extensive containment in tight quarters takes time and resources
  • What areas need blasted? You can imagine an exterior only blast varies drastically from underneath hood, firewall, trunk space, wheel wells etc…
  • Do you want all body filler removed? Some customers actually opt not to remove it
  • Who is providing the detailing of the spent media from inside the car/truck? Normally our customers prefer to do that with a shop-vac and airline but we occasionally do that as well.
  • Is there onsite disposal for spent media? It’s much easier blasting on a gravel lot that doesn’t require recovering spent media


Knowing where we will be stripping the vehicle will be pertinent. It allows us to assess the surrounding area and will help us determine if it will be permissible for us to blast. The process will be loud (~115 dB) and although the water suppresses most of the media from becoming airborne, there will be a substantial amount of media in the surrounding immediate area of the blast site (~15 foot radius).
Most homes, driveways, and RV pads are potential blast sites.
Read more about our dustless sandblasting services.
Automotive Blasting

The blast site for this ’59 Impala was in the customer’s front yard. We blasted the interior of the car with dry abrasive, and the outside of the car with our wet blasting method. 5.5 hours of blast time and no complaints from any neighbors.


When we arrive, we love it if we can get straight to blasting.  However, if you need us to help prepare the car, we are able and willing, but we charge for prep work such as protecting glass and chrome. This may include using heavy duty 6 mil plastic with heavy grade duct tape to protect it. We will also do the same with any chrome left on the vehicle. If your vehicle has had the interior removed, we will use tarp or plastic along the inside to help catch media and keep the interior as clean as possible. Finally, placing a large tarp under the vehicle catches most of the media that ricochets to the ground.

Automotive Blasting

Here’s a picture of an old Mazda, with the interior completely gutted. All that’s left is some dashboard equipment which was kept safe with plastic and tape. Also, note that all chrome was removed which significantly reduces prep time for us.


Every blast is different as the unknown really lies underneath the top layer of paint. Because of this, the time required to complete a blast can vary drastically. Nearly all cars will be completed in one day, however there is the slight chance we run into a car with an excessive amount of body filler, heavy rust, and multiple layers of paint all at once!

Here we are stripping the the door jambs. Adding details like this increases our blast time but it’s a life-saver over trying to hand sand or strip these small crevices and recessed areas.


Once the blast is complete, we will wash down the car thoroughly with water that contains a rust inhibiting chemical known as “Hold Tight 102” or equivalent. These additives prevent the flash rust that is caused by the chloride being embedded into the metal while wet blastingfor approximately a 48-72 hour window in which you will need to prime the metal before it begins to show signs of surface rust again. This window maybe slightly shorter or longer depending on variables such as where the vehicle is stored; we recommend storing it indoors and in a dry environment.

If you elect to have us blast the interior areas of the auto, such as interior trunk space, interior cab, or even some parts of the engine compartment, we usually take the liberty of blasting dry.  We do this because these areas rarely warp due to the nature of the steel in these areas.  Most importantly, cleaning dry abrasive out of these areas is exponentially easier than wet, damp media.  Whatever process we use, we usually leave the detailing of these areas for our customers since they often have a shop vac and small air compressor which are the perfect tools for the job.


As you can see, media can build up throughout the course of an interior blast. This is why we blast insides dry. Even “holdtight 102″ rust preventers can struggle to keep flash rust away if damp media sits on the surface for prolonged periods of time. You can also see how cleaning out this dry media is much easier to blow and vacuum than damp media would be.


This was a picture of flash rust that occurred only 1 day after we dustless blasted the inside of a cab. The customer thought the hold tight rust preventer worked regardless of when he cleaned up the media. You need to clean the out of the inside of the car immediately after it’s blasted, ESPECIALLY if it was wet blasted.


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