cerritos dirty roof

before / after
This was an awesome roof cleaning project.  This particular roof is comprised of thin aluminum, preformed shingles that are sprayed with a composite coating.  This particular homeowner did some shopping around and through his interview process with several companies, decided that KC Power Clean was the safest choice because we could guarantee a quality service a fair cost.  

There were 3 major concerns on this roof that allowed our team to demonstrate our superior service:

  1. Avoid denting/bending the thin aluminum shingles
  2. Find a solution to wash the very steep angles on the roof safely
  3. Minimize granule loss from the coated shingles

Our team has created some custom foam pads that our team members stand on in situations where we walk on delicate roofs.  Take a look at this ingenious little creation that allows us to disperse the weight over several square feet…

avoiding breaking roof tiles

custom foam tiles to protect denting roof
For the issue of fall protection, our team has several key members who have completed OSHA approved fall arrest training.  No matter of money is worth risking one’s life so you can believe we take safety as a critically important issue.  Our team members used a combination of different tie off procedures with fall arrest equipment to safely walk around the roof tiles.  The areas of the roof that were too steep to even walk on with tie off protection, we used a combination of chemical sprayers and long wands to scrub or even rinse the surfaces to remove the mold, dirt, and algae growth.

We are very proud of our team’s ability to tackle the difficult jobs that most roof cleaning contractors shy away from!

Lastly, we insured the customer wouldn’t be staring at a roof that lost half of it’s granulated coating.  We wanted to make sure we removed the unsightly mold and algae without compromising the look of the roof so we accomplished the wash with one of our lower pressure, high flow nozzles that had just enough pressure to gently remove the algae- not the coating!

Had the customer gone with another power wash contractor, he could have hired someone who either couldn’t finish the job and left his property in a complete mess, fell off the roof, dented all the shingles, or even washed away all the granule coating.  Our team accomplished this 2500 sq ft, 2 story house (with complete exterior clean up) in less than 7 hours and left the place nice and shiny!

The moral of the story is simple.  Research and shop around intelligently.  It will definitely pay off!  Find a contractor who takes pride in what he does and strives to deliver the best value; which isn’t necessarily the cheapest price.

Thanks for taking some time today to read about our fun accomplishment today!
Kris Cook