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Sand Blasting

When pressure washing won't cut it, sandblasting is your best option. Sand blasting offers a deeper level of cleaning and ability to remove deeply penetrated stains, or stripping paints and coatings that water alone can't.
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Pressure Washing

From roofs to driveways and siding, pressure washing is the #1 way to increase curb appeal keeping your home and office looking fresh year-round.
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Pressure washing & sandblasting can cause serious surface damage or even injury when done by unqualified or amateur companies. Trust the Pros @ KC Power Clean.
As a licensed and certified CA contractor #999554, our insurance policy covers up to $5MM in general liability and both C61- D38 Sand and Water Blasting licenses. When you want the job done right, the first time, hire a professional.
Next level cleaning means when you call, we answer. And when you expect results, we deliver. Since 2006, KC Power Clean has perfected the art of making cleaning an experience. For our residential customers, pressure cleaning or sand blasting is an action item to get off their list. For our commercial clients, it’s all about providing services with minimal disruption. Whether you’re looking for a 1-time simple service or a 100k sqft mega clean, KC Power Clean is equipped to handle any job. We’re big enough to serve and small enough to care!
Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?

Why Choose Us

What's Unique About Us?


Reviews From Our Customers


Reviews From Our Customers

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Washing & Blasting Benefits

Don’t Replace, Restore! The power of water or dustless sandblasting cannot be overstated. You may be able to save thousands on restoration over replacement.
Before you consider replacing your exterior surfaces, give KC Power Clean a call. With the most advanced pressure cleaning, water and dustless sand blasting technology in Orange County, we’re able to give an experienced, professional assessment and opinion on the best way to save, restore or replace your exterior surfaces.
Concrete is a porous surface allowing for organic and chemical reside to cause permanent staining or discoloration. Contact our staff to schedule your free, on-site pressure washing or sandblasting consultation. Get started today on your path to a cleaner tomorrow.

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Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

Pressure Washing & Sandblasting Excellence

Most Common FAQs


Are You Insured?

100% Absolutely. In fact, when looking for a sand blasting or pressure washing service, this needs to be a requirement. Using untrained or unprofessional contractors could cost you thousands in damages. Be sure to check out our page of insurance documentation.


How long have you been in business?

KC Power Clean is proud to be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2021. During our time serving Orange County and Los Angeles communities, we’ve learned what matters most. Delivering our brand promise, promptly, and with minimal disruption to your day.


Do I need pressure washing or sand blasting?

We try to custom cater our solutions to the specific needs. No different than a Dr who listens to the needs of his patient prior to jumping to a diagnosis.  We will make the consultation smooth & painless and make an accurate recommendation. For general cleaning cost-effective cleaning, pressure washing is often the best bet. Sandblasting is better when an extra level of detail or deeper restoration is needed. When stripping paint, removing stains which have penetrated into the surface, look to sandblasting.


What can sand blasting remove?

With variable pressures and blast medias available, sandblasting is the pound for pound best restoration tool for hard surfaces. It can get in where other tools can’t and it can remove sealers, paint, stains, coatings, glues and even epoxies.


Is it dusty or messy?

By nature, most restoration jobs are bit messy, kind of like 1 step back to take 2 steps forward.  During our free consultation/visit, we’ll let you know what levels of containment and protection is available to make the job as seamless as possible. All of our sandblasting rigs have a dustless attachment tool to help contain primary and secondary dust. Sandblasting has come a long way and we’ve invested heavily in it.


How much does it cost?

Every job is priced individually.  It’s common to see pressure washing prices range from $.03 per square foot up to $.50 per square foot, all depending on what the job requires.  Sandblasting and other heavy surface prep can range from $.50 per square foot up to $5.00 per square foot (or more in really extreme cases).  Whatever the cost, it’s best to only pay ONCE, so make sure your professional can demonstrate a “proof of concept” to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Get Ready For Amazing Results & Exceptional Service.

From Filthy To Flawless

Whether you're looking for a simple rinse or complete deep cleaning experience, KC Power Clean is equipped and ready to serve. Estimates are Always Fast & Free. Get Started Today!

What and How We Clean!

Your Dirt is Our Canvas

From start to finish, KC Power Clean guarantees two thing: Your satisfaction and incredible results.
With over 15 years experience, the most advanced pressure washing and sand blasting technology available and certified technicians arriving on-site, your home & business is in great hands. Get it right done right the first time, Call KC Power Clean.
Our pressure washing and sand blasting services are generally for concrete, wood, brick and pavers, steel and we’re not shy of getting into boom lifts or on top of roof tops.  Nearly all surfaces (vertical walls or flat surfaces) can be accessed and cleaned. Depending on your specific job, our team will listen to your needs and recommend the best cleaning process to fit your specific needs. From intricate and delicate cleaning needs, to high power production, we have a the right cleaning technique and surface preparation tool for your job.

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We LISTEN & learn about your project needs via a quick phone call, often receiving pictures or videos to help aid in the discussion. We may set up a jobwalk to inspect the property in person where necessary

Step 2


We always strive to demonstrate a "proof of concept" either via explaining the process or sending you pictures & video demonstration. We can even arrange a sample demonstration if the job is complex

Step 3


We'll send you a written estimate so easy to understand that a 6th grader gets it. Get excited about your new project and rest easy knowing experts are doing the job.


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